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Wish the cauterize icon showed a countdown like others. Tired counting to myself 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, check icon, re apply cauterize.
Ideally someone here could direct me to a good starparse guide to set the timer as so far I desperately failed to set it to track dots
Thankies !
I don't know all the pub conversion of names, so I'll be using Imp talk mostly.

"Countdowns" can be set for cooldown times, but ablitites without a CD don't fall into the category because you can use them when ever you want, like a basic attack. Obviously, when trying to keep a bleed optimal, you want it to run it's full course before reapplying it or it will be a slight DPS loss compared to an optimal seemless reapplication.

Being "tired of having to count it to yourself" is part of a sustained class with dots with cooldowns and part of the challenge and is intended because the spec has a higher DPS threshold than a burst spec when reapplications are seemless. If it was easy, and took no concentration to optimize everyone would play those specs because they have a higher DPS ceiling.

Timers are okay but if you are waiting for audible reminders, you will still have a small delay in reapplication, as you will first than have to go to reapply the dot when ideally you want to know slightly ahead of time this way it is a natural rythem as opposed to a awared-than-respond one. It's a slight delay, but still.

One thing you can try is to take note of the ability [attack] you use right before you use Cauterize [ or at a different interval that remains consistant], take note of it's cooldown time. Than go thru your rotation and when you're 'counting to yourself 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,.." take note at what the cooldown time is on the other ability at the time when reapplication of Cauterize would be optimal and seemless, than look at the countdown time on the other ability you are using as a reference point and see what the timer on that ability has left on it's cool down.

i.e. If you go thru your normal rotations, and you pick another ability that does have a cooldown that you can watch [the icon countdown option] and you count in your head the point at which it would be the optimal time to reapply Cauterize, than look at the other ability that's countdown you can watch and see how many seconds it says it has left on it's cooldown at the time you optimally reapply Cauterize.

It isn't perfect, but it can be used as fairly reliable gauge for when it would be the optimal time to reapply cauterize. Obviously the ability you chose for a reference point would have to have a sufficiently long enough cooldown so as to still be on cooldown at the time it would be optimal to reapply cauterize.

So if you use it right before cauterize, and you need to count down 6 seconds in your head normally to know when to reapply cauterize optimally, the ability you use before cauterize would need to be sufficiently long enough to still have time left after you use it so it's still on cooldown when the optimal reapplication of cauterize reoccurs.

It's been a while since I played some with Annihilation [ i tried it, I didn't play it very long, I didn't like all that micro-managing, which is essentially what your issue is about] but that's what I did, and that seem to work fairly reliably for me. This suggestion assumes there hasn't been any significant rotational changes to the spec in the last year and a half.

Also bare in mind, that you will often be working with priorities rather than strict rotational norms as Annihilation optimal 'rotation' norm can last 45 seconds + if you proscribe to the notion that that's how you should play the spec. So you'll need to get a feel for both ways [priorities and more of am adherence to a longer rotation].

My experience with the spec isn't extreme tho, I'm a Carnage man myself, but I have tried all the specs, and do have some experience, other more experienced Annihilation users may have better suggestions than I, so if someone else comes along and makes other suggestions, they very well likely could be more appropriate than mine.