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At first I think that IO needs an update to it's magshot proc. the fixed 6 seconds to proc is in my opinion contrary to alacrity and those 1.3 gcd builds. players need to fill rotation and it's a pain in multi target fights.

Back to Topic. Tactical Item Ideas. I would like to see some variations which can be a light variant of hybrid specs. but i think every advantage of an tactical item should come with a disadvantage in combination. Also i would advocate for 2 slots for those items. One offensive and one defensive. Maybe unique Items for PVE and PVP (Balancing is easier and would give the classes a unique touch for both modes)

Some Offensive Tactical Items
  • Item 1
  • Positive: thermal sensor override reduces the cost of the next TWO abillities to zero.
    kinda like the utility for power surge
  • Negative: dont know. maybe a a little bit longer cooldown?

Item 2
  • Positive: Expand the Radius of Fusion Missile to 8m.
    easier dot spread. more aoe
  • Negative: does not apply own dot. so just spreading.

Item 3 (PVE Only)
  • Positive: Electronet AOE Field. Places a field of Electronets for 3-5 seconds (Some Bosses of Kotfe have a similiar abillity)
    aoe field of electronets. adding electronet to every mob running into that field. would be a very nice crowdcontrol for some boss encounters.
  • Negative: deals 50% less damage and slows less than normal electronet
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