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That's one of the points I made. A piece of 246 gear, is only like 6 UC's. You need 500 just for one crystal. Do you realize how many crates you have to open to get 500 UC's? The rate is just way too slow and makes opening crates depressing, not rewarding.
it has long and long and long been the case that they treat crate gear as a *bonus* above and beyond the other ways of getting it, and the very low UC gain from disintegration is part and parcel of that. In their view, you are supposed to play relevant PvE or PvP content to gain gear (Ops Tokens) or UCs (PvP rewards). The disintegration UCs are a bonus, not the (designed) principal method of gaining gear.

And if you're not playing that sort of content, gear above 228-purple crafted is unimportant. Well, that's the theory, anyway. The PvP bolster is (currently) below max-gear (for a while after 248s were launched, PvP bolster was 250), which is consistent with that theory, except that dedicated PvPers can't get 258s without at least playing through Ossus once.
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