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Okay, I'd like to make a few notes on your rotation.

Firstly, I'd like to say that the rotation posted is quite serviceable, but it is not optimal. If what you plan on doing in the game is just FP's and some SM, or even HM raids, you'll probably be fine, if you plan on pushing for highest possible DPS, it needs some changes.

So for highest DPS, saber throw has close to the lowest priority of fillers and is generally only used in places where Sundering Assault is not up and you would be rage deficient if you used vicious slash in rotation.

Optimal opener is as follows: Force Leap, (if you are in a fight that you have to close distance) or Sundering Assault (when on a dummy, or fights like Revan that you can stand right next to him when you start combat)
Impale -> Enrage + Shatter -> Force Scream -> Hew (if procced) Ravage (if not) -> Vengeful Slam -> Hew or Ravage (depending on what was just used) -> Impale -> Sundering Assault -> Force Scream -> Shatter -> Vengeful Slam -> Ravage -> Impale -> Vicious Slash -> Force Scream.... Etc.

In your opener, "Enrage + Saber Throw -> Force Leap -> Impale" there are three main issues.
First, Saber throw is a wasted GCD, and because of the animation Leap can last slightly longer than 1 GCD at the 1857 Alacrity cap wasting slightly more time.
Second, Sundering Assault should ALWAYS be the first damaging ability in your rotation other than a gap closer because using it procs your Two-Piece set bonus for 2% extra damage.
Third, rage management. Sundering Assault + Enrage will actually overflow your rage, by placing Enrage after Impale however lets you instead use Vicious Slash, instead of Saber Throw farther into the rotation and Vicious Slash does slightly more damage than Saber Throw. Though this effect is mitigated to a large extent in raid by passive rage generation, there are some fight that it is not, and is worth noting.

I'd also like to note that if executed properly the Vengeance/Vigilance rotation flows like no other rotation in the game, and for the most part once you've started it's nearly self explanatory as you go. It's one of the things I truly love about the class, and once you understand it makes it fairly easy.

Now I should add the caveat that your DPS in fight is determined as much by your knowledge of the fight, uptime, target swapping and a hundred other factors, as your rotation is. I realize that my comments to this are somewhat nitpicky, and I do like your overall simply done breakdown of the class.