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01.08.2014 , 05:14 PM | #34
Not bad changes. I like the 100% proc change now, since using Sucker Punch w/o a proc is annoying (Love Sucker + Flying Fist). The Crit damage + Crit chance buff is well needed. The nerf to energy, at first, shocked me, but then I realized we proc it 100% of the time, so shouldn't be an issue. Overall, DECENT changes. Not great, but much MUCH better than 2.5... Hoping to see more soon. TBH, was hoping Waylay/Sawed off would be more like 15 or 20% instead of a 1% increase... Laceration's going to be hitting damn near close now, if not higher...

As for Lethality DPS increase, do they really need one? One of the top parsing specs already.