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I'm a Guardian Vig that's DPSing 4K on the dummies and I'm stuck. I can't seem to get higher than that and I have a 192 6-piece (Head is 198 set bonus) with 198 in every other slot.

Here's my latest Parsley log:

I'm running an Alacrity spec to help with my APM. I know my APM is low and I can't figure out how to get it higher. I'm not sure if it's a rotation problem or what.

Surge: 360
Crit: 350
Alacrity: 796
Accurary: 100.05%


Dump all of that alacrity. All of it. It's useless if your apm isn't up to snuff. Your APM for that parse is too low even with 0 alacrity. It's horrible, dump it all.

You delayed your overhead slash by FIFTEEN SECONDS one time,

Your average time for overhead slash was 11 seconds, with 796 alacrity your cooldown on it is 8.4 seconds. your average time on blade storm is 10 seconds+, still a full 1.5 seconds delayed on AVERAGE.

TLR you need to be faster, a ton faster.

Copy this.
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