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How do the Set Bonuses look and feel while playing?
I have only had time to mess with just the one SB, the 6 piece Robes of Murderous Revelation. I too am a little disappointed at the available options for 2 and 4 bonuses. I'm hoping that they are changed up later on and some are mostly just placeholder.

How do the Tactical Items look and feel while playing?
Heh! Fun! I haven't had much time this PTS run to test it much before the next patch goes up, but I look forward to playing with them during and after PTS.

How easy or hard is it to understand what certain Set Bonuses, Tactical Items, or Amplifiers do?
From what I saw for Assassin SB, it's straight forward. Tactical items are for the most part. Tactical items like Luck Always Changes has nothing to indicate when it stops stacking. There's also one Tactical item that doesn't have a description, just the cheeky text about clarity of mind.

Amplifiers, I know they're not fully implemented, sine aren't clear on what they do. Several (that I saw) are straight forward, while others are not. Like "Force Sensitivity" and "Force Harmonization". What do those do exactly. I can venture a guess and most likely be close. But what exactly do they do?

Which Set Bonuses, Tactical Items, or Amplifiers seem underpowered or overpowered, and why?
The Herra's Persistence tactical item needs to have a brief CD to prevent players from accidentally triggering both stride charges. It can go off so fast they practically happen at the exact same time. It doesn't have to be for more than half a second, just long enough to stop instantaneous double activation.
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