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As others have previously stated for DPS set bonuses they do feel underwhelming, to say the least. Most of the useful set bonuses are only available at the 6th piece requirement leaving little room for extra customization, as Onslaught wants us to play our way I'd suggest either looking at a few of the 2/4 set bonuses and buffing them a bit or making the actual gameplay impact require 5 pieces so you can at least have an extra set bonus.

As far as Tactical Items I haven't tried them all out yet but Quick Escalation and Two Time Trouble seem to give roughly the same amount of DPS, though Quick Escalation can quickly draw your Force away fast if you're not smart with its usage. I'd suggest either increasing the chance that Two Time Trouble ticks or perhaps adding Discharge to the mix as well. Otherwise Assassins will get way behind in terms of DPS compared to the Sith Marauder and Sith Juggernaut. As far as Quick Excalation I'd suggest cutting back on the critical chance increase and reducing the Force cost, as it is I believe it consumes Force way too quickly for it to be viable, especially when its DPS seems roughly the same as Two Time Trouble.

Ward of the Continuum seems nice but its kind of redundant to be honest as far as Dark Ward goes, though the ability to instantly get rid of the CD is nice. Whatever the wither's tactical is is really nice, that coupled with the set bonus that gives you extra damage resist whenever you use spike will be a great add to Sith Assassins, all I wish was that we had some manner of self-healing beyond overcharge saber. Perhaps a Tactical Item tied to Depredating Volts?
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