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So from what ive seen so far with testing:
Sin tank has just gotten better. We were already the preferred tank for pve and we just got a new cd in spike or overload. Of these 2 set bonuses the spike one i found more useful as it make spike a more powerful cd than overload plus the 3% armor rating was useless increase to dr. Tatical items wise generally the dr from wither was the most useful. I can see where shroud for your guarded target is useful. The least useful was the extended shroud as shroud is generally use to cheese mechanics and those rnt longer than shrouds duration.
For dps i can see to viable dps set bonuses. The first one is an option for all dps classes with the 4 piece that increases power bu 25% and reduces armor by 50%. This can be used in any fight where dps dont take a lot of damage. Sins at least unlike jugs and maras hav a 2 piecd set bonus. For this 2 piece u can take the 2% power increase. For fights that u take a lot of damage since sins can guard a fellow raid member the general set bonus that has u do more damage while guarding a target along with the same w piece seems to be the best.
Overall outside of the tank set the generic sets seem to be stronger for pve. The new ability is worthless as it does less damage that a buffed lacerate (which u now take as there is nothing else generally useful in skillful tier). This has to be a lot stronger to even be or proc something in the rotation to even get used.
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