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I am always interested in new thoughts regarding gearing and usage of consumables, but I feel that your argument for using either Alacrity or Critical, instead of the Triage adrenal doesn't really hold up, I have summarized your arguments below.
Actually, I wasn't making an argument for ever using an Alacrity adrenal. The recommendation for an alacrity adrenal came from an older Dulfy sage/sorc healer guide that seemed to indicate the alacrity adrenal was BiS, but that was all before we knew how the GCD was rounded up. Based on the math, it doesn't look like Alacrity % would ever reach a point where I could get an important heal back one global cooldown sooner, get a key heal off within one GCD, or get more ticks of a HoT off sooner. It seems like at current levels, the Alacrity adrenal really doesn't help at all.

But, I do know that most people recommend, for example, tertiary stat augments over mastery/power augments, and crit crystals over mastery/power color crystals. I would presume that there is a certain threshold amount of mastery or power, call it X. A set of augments amount of Mastery, or Power, below that amount X would be better spent in critical rating. But a number Y of say power much greater than X, say from a buff or a proc, or in this case, an adrenal, results in a larger dps or hps increase than you'd get from Y amount of critical rating.


TL, DR: Has anyone done the math comparing the difference in dps/hps from an extra 870 points of critical rating compared to an extra 870 points of Power? Its a little more than nine 228-rating augments worth of points, and most people think nine Critical augments are superior to nine Overkill augments for dps/hps, hence my question.
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