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I think one of the main technical reason could also involve cosmetics. That is, swapping a weapon could also involve things like, the relative size of the weapons, the relative positions of "barrels", the number of barrels, the type of firing animation, etc.
For example, say you overlap a smallish single barrel cannon over a multi-barrel type. Which firing animation should it use.
Or you overlay a shoto on a regular lightsaber. How long is the lightsaber "blade"?
Or, you overlay a Sword over a lightsaber. Which blade is displayed?
The examples you cite all fall into the category of "makes no difference". Of *course* it shows the "cosmetic" weapon's appearance and makes its noises. Where the fun starts is the difference between back-carry sabres and swords versus belt-carry sabres and swords(1), and similarly for dualsabres/electrostaffs.

(1) To the best of my knowledge, there are two belt-carry Vibroswords.
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