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A point to remember as everyone argues back and forth is that there is almost nobody that isn't advocating for some type of change. The real question is what the best solution to a problem that the PVP forum community is obviously vocal about.

The challenge I would put forth to those who are advocating a solo queue is to post the reasons why you feel it is the best solution. Once you have your list typed out, go through each one and ask yourself if the scenario that is causing issues currently, would still happen in a solo queue. Here are some examples:

1) Team composition is better for premades: True, they have the ability to pick who they queue with, but when team makeup is completely RNG, you will see composition imbalance in a solo queue just as often. The only thing you have eliminated is the advantage any specific person can have by selecting some of their team, not the advantage as a whole. I would also note the likelihood of utility roles in a solo queue will be extremely more limited (less likely to queue solo if you have to rely heavily on other players) and you will see that the side with 1 healer queuing will have a significant advantage.

2) Premades are overgeared and looking to stomp undergeared PUGs: True, this is the mindset of some people (the same ones ganking level 25s on Tatooine). These people will still queue up solo to do the same thing to undergeared players on their own. A solo queue isn't going to stop the less geared players from facing players who have spent almost a year gearing up a character. Once again, the solution of a solo queue only removes the team gear advantage from the individual, but since team makeup is still random, there will be better geared teams facing worse geared teams.

3) VOIP is a huge advantage: It can be, for full 8 man teams in rated. You still have 4 other people minimum on your team that you have to communicate with. They have to know not to break CC as well, they have to know which nodes are being attacked, and they have to know who to focus fire as well. There isn't any significant advantage to having 4 people on VOIP and 4 not compared to 8 without VOIP. Typing isn't impossible

TL;DR A solo queue will help prevent any one person from going into warzones with an advantage, but does not prevent the advantage from existing in the first place. (There are other reasons against a solo queue as well. For more information, see my published works in the other 140 some pages of this thread)
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