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No, it's a viable option to -play.-

The solo function provides a vital service. Those who don't have friends on can still play. Those who don't have a spot in the guild at the moment can still play. Those that just want a quick match or are feeling anti-social today can play. That is all the solo queue option is designed to do... allow people to -play- when (or if they don't want a group) they have no group.

Solo also servers for filling and backfilling.

Your character has the option to get naked, does it not? Yet do you believe playing without armor should be as viable to win as someone wearing their gear?

The game allows you to choose how you apply your talent points, but if you choose a 11/20/10 (fyi, a build that is just terrible) should it be as viable to win as the standard 31//10 builds?

The problem I feel people have, is the false assumption solo-centric is a viable playstyle (for winning), or that it should be. It isn't, it's the complete opposite of a "multiplayer" game. The option exists to not exclude the player who doesn't have a group, not because it should be a viable winning strategy.
Anything that allows people to -play- should be a viable means to allow them to -win-, MMO or not. Otherwise it's not an option really, other than saying "please play lambs for the premades to slaughter" and "You don't want to get slaughtered? Well, group up and slaughter those than didn't." But why does it have to be a slaughter in the first place is what I ask.

What's really interesting is that premade advocates are even unwilling to give solo queuers a simple option to turn off "match against premade enemy groups." Why, are you afraid that given the choice, no solo player would queue against groups? That given the choice, you wouldn't queue against premades if you played solo? Those people who actually left "match against premade enemy groups" on could backfill premade groups.

It seems very strange to me that all premaders preach that nobody should play solo and expect to win. And at the same time they actually WANT people to play solo, so they can beat them into the ground. If solo queue isn't a viable means to win, it simply shouldn't be in the game. As long as it IS in the game however, proper measures should be taken that those people who are thrown into a random group of 3 tanks and 5 DPS have a viable chance to win.

We can't judge people by double standards. We can't say that nobody should play solo if you want to win but I want you to play solo regardless, so that I can win. Going naked in a warzone goes against common sense. Going in with a useless build goes against common sense. But is going in with a random team goes against common sense in a multiplayer game? You say, yes, but I say it didn't in Guild Wars. It didn't in any of the FPS shooters that allow you not to play against entire clans. If it doesn't and didn't in other games, it doesn't go against common sense in Star Wars either.

As long as we have solo queue option, solo-centric should be a viable playstyle for winning. I'll accept your reasoning the moment they remove the solo queue option, but until then, I'm unwilling to believe that Bioware would give us a playstyle option that isn't viable.

Or humor me and name any sport that allows a team of 8 random amateurs compete against a premade national champion team.