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Less and less people are pvp'ing now, sometimes it takes 45-60 mins for a pop to happen.... I've noticed a trend on certain servers you get a few PvP guilds that do nothing but make up 4 man premades and ruin all the fun for people who just want jump into a quick warzone... What happens is you can go against a fully geared out premade who's on vent/mumble/team speak and they pretty much just own everyone...

Bioware you need to add a PUG only warzone option, this will level the playing field more and allow people to just have fun.... If not, less and less people are going to pvp due to frustration with the situation..
Get organized or stop palying. If you want to pvp then get your own premade. Reality check... If you had the option of going into a real battle between people you've been in a battle with before versus people you haven't been in battle with, which one would you choose. More than likely most everyone is going to pick the people they've been in a battle with before. Why do you think that is? Maybe it's because they know how the others think and react. The same goes for PVP! I don't know about you guys, but pvp is going to have winners and losers at the end of each round. I would rather que up with a group of people I play with all the time versus players I never played with before. Why, because I don't want to play with a team that is full of 12-15k hp sorcs. I want to win! Is something wrong with me not wanting to win?