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you should play for yourself instead of listening to others. there are some really really good people that play merc and commando. i leveled up through pvp and class missions only and i was always near the top in dmg pre 50 and now that im fully augmented bm geared i almost always get 250-350k pugging it. play and decide for yourself. people try to tell me what skill tree to use all the time too and its rather annoying. people look down on them just because they are not the fotm. hope it helped and good luck.
So it all sounds fine you know when people post this amazing information
All classes can come out with good dmg done and i can get 300-600k dmg done in wz on my arsenal bh and even more on my sorc hybrid BUT...... the thing is u arent useful for ranked regardless of how much dmg u output because during youre dmg done time u will xperiense 20 times dying to the cluster f... of sentinel's marauders juggernauts that will completly fight over youre easy kill.
You will experiense raining lightsabers so if u wanna heal do that on youre mercenery if you wanna dps reroll powertech pyro spec or a melee class for the game is atm set up like : PVE is for Ranged and PVP is for Melee
So listen to those that say this rubbish isnt gonna help you, and if you truly belive in youre bh do play it cause it is up to that is gonna enjoy the game anyway
BUT BE AWARE that you will have some nice wz with new dinged players and a completly mind crushing frustration on wz against good geard melee with pocket healers wich is atm all u see in WZ now

So happy hunting and il hope u will have fun regardless of youre choice