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Hi There.

Been playing Sniper for a couple of weeks now, seem to perform well in Warzones and also in team ranked with tank and tank+healer games.

Same for Solo Ranked when we have a healer or a Tank.

Just had a few 4 dps games,, against some pretty decent players and basically got globalled. Not literally but I died pretty fast.
I tried to cycle through my cool downs and kite but still riperino.

Other than the ever so common "l2p noobs" or "Stop queueing". Anyone got any good advice for surviving in 4 dps ranked matches.

Especially against good players it seems I don't have an 'oh ****' button compared to say my merc or Mara's with stealth and undying.

I'm playing Engi by the way.
I'll try to offer some advice with the caveat that I'm not an expert player. My first question would be what utilities are you using?

Personally, I've found the following utilities to be very helpful in solo queue:

Ballistic Dampeners - The key to this utility is remembering to reset it. You get three which will disappear quickly when you're under fire but can be reset every 6 seconds. It's a good habit to get into to pop into and out of cover every so often in order to reset your stacks of dampeners.

Vital Regulators - This is a very good passive heal that can add a substantial amount of survival capability to your character without or without a healer, particularly given the amount of time you're going to be spending in cover

Seek Cover - You want to be free to move when you're not in cover and you want to be in cover as much as possible, so minimizing the amount of time it takes you to get from cover to cover and having immunity to movement impairing while moving between covers is excellent.

Reestablish Range - Countermeasures serves no purpose in PvP, it's a wasted ability. This utility fixes that and turns it into another movement purge and speed boost, same line of thinking as above. Further it builds a knock back into your Penetrating Blasts that helps in several situations.

Evacuate - Maim and Flash Bang are your CC abilities, using them more often is good.

Pillbox Sniper - You want Entrench up as often as possible. Not only does it protect you from control effects, it also contributes to your speed boost and movement-impairment immunity with Seek Cover utility above. Reducing the cooldown on Entrench is very good. Knocking people further back with Cover Pulse is just a plus.

Tactical Retreat - A 10% heal on a 20 second cooldown that automatically puts you in cover (with Entrench built in for 3 seconds due to your built-in passives) is hands down the best legendary utility you have. The 2 second duration increase on Evasion is excellent as well.

Deployed Shields - This is the one major "iffy" one to me because I simply use it because I haven't found a good alternative. The 5% increase in damage reduction while in cover is nice since, as stated above, you'll be in cover a lot. The reduction in Ballistic Shield cooldown is also nice since it's one of your best, if not your best, defensive cooldowns.

If your utilities are correct then the general practice for surviving is pacing your cooldowns and using the right ones at the right time.

Cover Pulse is great, use it when you have more than one melee enemy on you or when you can gain a tactical advantage with it (like knocking an enemy off a bridge). Don't spam it too early or you'll lose a very good defensive tool.

Evasion should be your go to defense in most situations. Guaranteed dodge chance from most attacks combined with 75% reduction in Force and Tech attack damage is extremely good and you have the duration increase on it as well if you took Deployed Shields (as suggested above).

Shield Probe should be used when Evasion is NOT active, it will mitigate more damage this way and you waste it when you already dodge most attacks with Evasion.

Use Penetrating Blasts wisely, the knockback can be very useful, follow it up with a Leg Shot on the same person and you buy yourself some time against melee characters. You can chain this together with Penetraing Blasts => Sniper Volley => Penetrating Blasts => Leg Shot or Flash Bang (depending on whether you plan to hit the same target or not, Flash Bang will mez them for 8 seconds if you switch targets).

Use Maim. It's also not a bad idea to Maim someone, Snipe them, Cover Pulse to knock them back while they're still stunned (immobilizing them afterward), followed by Leg Shot.

Make very good use of your Imperial Tactics cooldown. It will reset all of your survival abilities and if you're cycling them correctly combined with the passive healing and your Ballistic Shields, you can survive for quite some time.

Lastly, use your Roll for more than just a chance to reposition yourself. You have a 100% chance to avoid all attacks while you're rolling. Use it when you see enemies preparing to hit you hard (Ambush from another Sniper or a similar ability).

Good luck out there, hope this helps!
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