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Hello players and developers,

Season 11 is gonna end soon™, so it’s time to take a look at the Leaderboards to see what reward brackets would make sense and check out the current state of Top 3 spots. One note beforehand: Season 11 had the same rules and matchmaking system in Solo Ranked that we had in Season 10, so we have to use the Season 10 reward breakdown as guideline.

First of all we can see a huge activity difference between Solo Ranked and Group Ranked. In fact, Group Ranked in Season 11 is the most dead it has ever been. It rarely ever popped on only a few servers so competition was extremely low already and on top of that a big chunk of the games played are „mixed teams“ „playing vs friends“ maybe with maybe without a little bit of rating shenanigans. So what do we end up with? Elo numbers with the smallest meaningfulness we have seen in this game so far.

So at first I would find it tempting to just don’t give any rewards for Group Ranked. Or at least no Top 3s, as you see some players sitting on Top 3 spots with less than 1500 Elo and less than 20 wins. That is just not even close to be in line with Group Ranked Top 3s of S9 and S10 and it’s also not in line with Solo Ranked Top 3s in S11. The idea of not giving out Top 3s in Group Ranked was actually already brought up in this thread: here

But I thought about this for a while and I think I found a very elegant way to breakdown tiers without having to create differences between Solo and Group Ranked, and also still reward the players that played Group Ranked legit and as actively as possible:

Bronze Tier - requirement: Rating 1250-1399

Silver Tier - requirement: Rating 1400-1549 and 20+ WINS

Gold Tier - requirement: Rating 1550+ and 40+ WINS

Top 3 - requirement: Rating 1600+ and 60+ WINS
, and obviously only the 3 highest rated characters that meet these requirements get Top 3 rewards. If less than 3 players meet this requirement the Top 3 title in this category (e.g. Mercenary Group Ranked) will NOT be given out 3 times!

Let me know what you guys think, especially @MikeBradley, but this is the most elegant and easy to implement solution I can think of, that gives the most players the rewards they truly earn and can feel proud of, and at the same time eliminates a lot of wintraded Golds and Top 3s that revolve around utilizing placement games for „low amount of games, high amount of elo“.

Please get rid of placement games in S12 btw, thanks. Because then there is no more need to look at every person that got 1550 with only 15 wins, if that is „legit and just lucky“ or straight up wintraded within one night. Either way not worthy of Gold rewards, that’s why a minimum amount of wins is a good additional requirement to Silver and Gold Tier too, not only Top 3.

Looking forward to get feedback on this, especially some in yellow color.

I fully support not giving top 3 rewards to team ranked players unless they have 60+ games and 1600 + elo. In fact 4 of my friends while speaking in discord didn't even hide they asked their guild mates , pve mates to queue against them and wintraded (since these "mates") barely did anything in those fights and didnt try to win. This is not fair and i doubt devs can punish them since such wintrade is too subtle and doesnt include any bots. At least 4 players wintraded their 10-25 games against different combinations of their pve and guild mates and iam more than sure there are many more