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yeah, I was asking so I could determine the length of time to find out if it can glitch numbers like voidstar can. Your game lasted about 8 minutes and 50 seconds, going by the numbers. Going by a youtube video I watched, it takes about 8 minutes to win a novare coast if you have it 2 capped the whole time. So it seems that a glitch in this case is highly improbable, which means your screenshot is valid . Just had to make sure I investigated it thoroughly since you beat the #1 record on even the Ultimate Thread by quite a bit.
Thank you very much sir. I was surprised myself that it ended up being so high even though I figured it would be pretty high as their smasher and freighter fly by aoe'd my grouped up team pretty much the whole match. Kind of an error on my team's end to group so nicely for aoe, but something I'm greatful for as it allowed for me to get this hps. Also, thanks revan for doing the damage that I needed to heal through to get the record. I take back any negative thing I have ever said against smashers.
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