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02.15.2014 , 05:51 PM | #9
PT DPS needs next to nothing in PVP. We are in a good spot for both AP and Pyro. Shield Tech needs some love.

For PVE, changes need to subtle as to not send us over the top in PVP.

1) Increase Incendiary Missile's damage

2) Increase the bleed damage on Retractable Blade

3) Re-work the PVE set bonus. 15% critical chance to Incendiary Missile and Retractable Blade.

4) Set new baseline CD for Explosive Fuel at 1:45.

For Shield Tech:

1) Mentioned already, Heat Screens stacking from defense would help A LOT. More so in PVE than PVP, but I'm sure PVP'ers wouldn't complain.

2) A new, short DCD would help. I always thought a 5-second "shield overload" would be great, something that boosts shield chance to 100% for 5 seconds and then goes on a 1-minute CD. That + the heat blast proc being up would be really nice.
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