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Jerc here! Don't call me FeralPug or I'll be forced to mock you for not reading the second sentence of my post, which would be super embarrassing as it would display your utter incompetence for all the PT community to see.
Hi FeralPug! :P


I think it would be best if we brought in a quick summary of the VG Qs and As first, so here it is:

Pre 2.4, VGs had poor survivability + untility in comparison to the other 2 tanks for PvP. What is being done to address these issues?

ANSWER 1: Perception Problem (Class Rep Resigned!) Questions about if pyros power goes up will the problem dissapear?

EFFECT OF ANSWER: PTs got improved Kolto Overload, AP PTs got the slow at all times on PFT and a more powerful immolate, Pyro PTs got significantly better DCDs and burst power. Overall, while the answer was crap, they did respond to it with buffs that made PTs one of the best PvP Classes. Tanks still suck compared to the other 2 though.

Based at the Pyro/AP hybrid, it asked if the Devs had any plans to make full trees more viable than the hybrid in PvE

Answer 2: They never intended for hybrids to be better than full trees. The 2.4 Update should make full trees better than the hybrid (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). States that AP and Pyro should be worse on the dummy because of lack of armor debuff/health.

EFFECT OF ANSWER: The Hybrid got completely removed with patch 2.6. Patch 2.5 also gave dummys with health and an armor debuff, which showed that the PT was the worst overall DPS class without the hybrid, tied to the now-buffed Juggernaught. THIS NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT

Basically asking about a lack of burst, making it difficult for burst phases of boss fights in PvE and harder for PvP in general.

ANSWER 3: 2.4 is bringing a DPS upgrade to both PT DPS specs, and a burst upgrade for Pyro + a harder hitting immolate with AP, making them more competitive in PvP and in burst phases of PvE.

EFFECT OF ANSWER: This question surprisingly is what brought out all the defensive buffs in 2.4 for PTs. Also PTs are now one of, if not the, best PvP Class

So, using this information from the past, heres what my questions would be:

PT Tanks have issues sometimes with their minimal amount of DCDs for PvE and poor offensive prescense compared to the other 2 tanks in PvP. These issues include the low amount of defensive cooldowns that work better as the off-tank and with bad healers than as the main tank with good healers, and a complete lack of burst and sustained damage as a tank in PvP(in comparison to the other 2 tanks at least). Are there any plans for patch 2.7/2.8 (depends when the question is sent out) to improve upon their capabilities? A good suggestion going around the forums include adding a defensive cooldown for 100% shield chance for a short time period as a DCD, which not only is unique for PTs but also lets the other classes keep their F/T resist abilities uniquely to themself.
Other possibilities include reducing the cooldown of shoulder cannon, allowing more use of the self-heals it provides in tank stance, and also allowing it to be used more often as a tank in PvP, as its probably the only source of burst the tank spec has.

PT DPS has issues in PvE, though not in PvP, most likely due to Resource Management - It is easy to keep a respecable DPS as a PT for about 40 seconds when mashing away at a dummy, but then the heat has built up too much and it takes 20 seconds of nothing but rapid shots for it to go back to normal, causing your 40 seconds of slightly-above-average damage to be for nothing. Depending on the tree, this is both due to the RNG gods hating Pyro PTs with their PPA proc having about an 80% proc rate on average, but you really need a 100% proc rate for more than poor DPS, and AP relies on the free Rocket Punches for their energy management, which almost only ever happen on Immolate. And then theres also Rocket Punch not fitting in properly with either rotation due to its 9 second cooldown - 100% uptime for it means its either throwing off flamethrower in AP, or not getting the full extent of the 60% proc rate in Pyro. Are there any plans to make resource management more easy for PTs in patch 2.7/2.8? A good option for this area includes reducing the cooldown and heat cost of Rocket Punch, and causing Flame Barrage to be built up instead of randomly procced for AP, while Pyro get the reduced heat cost on flame burst + reduced cooldown of rocket punch with Power Bracer to match the Power Barrels skill mercs get access to.

Put simply, Patch 2.4 brought in a bunch of changes to skills on the low end of the skill tree in order to make hybrids weaker. Ironicly, the combination of improved resource management with the better Rail Shot meant the PT Hybrid was performing Better in patch 2.4 than it was in patch 2.3.
Unfortunately, these skills were some of the more important ones for PT DPS - for example, Retractable Blade got about a 20% damage decrease, and as such the improvements to Rail Shot, Immolate and resource management were not enough to bring the DPS of AP to a good level. Similarly, Pyro lost about 20% of the burn damage on Incendiary Missile for a cheaper cost, which if the damage still existed on Incendiary Missile, Pyro PTs would have them at a good damage level as well - though this would have to be inaccessible to mercs to prevent them from hitting 4.2k dps in dread forged gear.