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I cant say much for pve, but as far as pvp goes I play powertech a considerable amount, and the reason there are so many high ranked powertechs isnt because of our insane dps (which we dont really have) but its because the AP hybrid tank was very viable and very carry mode. without that, powertechs have to choose between AP, which IMO is a viable spec, or pyro, which can be viable assuming you get your crits and procs ect..but without the crits or procs pyro is pretty weak..imo we need either more guaranteed burst in pyro or more guaranteed procs..the other thing is that flame burst no longer is guaranteed to put combustible gas on someone which i think we should get that back to 100% chance IMO. just me and my 2 cents
No changes to the CGC rate please, use rocket punch if you need to sink someone with CGC, and learn to time the PPA proc and cooldown of rocket punch when the first or second FB doesn't kick it off. That's probably the only 'hard' thing left to playing this class, is managing distance/kiting, defensive cooldowns, and PPA rail shot resets. It's the difference between a million damage and 400K.