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02.14.2014 , 03:00 PM | #5
Let's not sit and beg for any nerfs okay? Frankly we'll be lucky to dodge a major nerf, and we're in a really good place thanks to 2.4 love.

1. PFT is a three second channel, and it only really hurts when all three ticks crit. Otherwise the surge bonus doesn't kick in and it fizzles. You need to build three stacks before firing it, it's a cone AOE, not a 360 circle, and since it takes so long to deliver the damage, most people just stun, bump, pull, leap, or walk out of it.

Only AP can use it, with HEGC since 2.6. So it's not 'OP'.

2. Pyro DPS is fine, rail shot has a 40% or so crit chance with the eliminator set and full gear.
When it doesn't crit, it still hurts, and you should be cooking your target with dots, incendiary missiles, rocket punches, flame bursts, and thermal detonators in between. You should also be spamming taunts and our AOE stun to keep the pressure off your team. If you're spending all of your time spamming FB to proc rail shot, and wondering why your DPS sucks when rail doesn't crit, you're doing it wrong.

My advice? We're in a good place PVP wise right now for AP and Pyro. Anything else is just begging for the nerf bat. Tanks are still middle of the road, Let's give them the floor. Tanks haven't seen anything since 2.0, when they were our only viable PVP spec.