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I won't talk about PvP directly, because I don't have the experience to do so. Here are a few things, I would like to bring up.

Top Issue in my opinion:

Tanking (very general question/issue):
Theory crafters highly recommend to stack defense on a Powertech tank. However, higher defense means less attacks will be shielded which lowers the rate at which Heat Screens are built, Rocket Punch is resettet etc. In other words, defense works directly against several mechanics in the tanking tree.
Could we receive changes to lower/remove this conflict between defense and tree mechanics.
This could be done by making Heat Screen etc. trigger from every attack that gets shielded OR parried, dodged, resisted (this would probably lead to a higher lockout time, but it increases our flexiblity with stats).
A change to the stat curves of Defens, Shield and Absorb would be an alternative solution, but I doubt that we'll see something like this before 3.0.
This might be a good topic for a wildcard, since it appears in PvE and PvP.

Other issues:

Movement in PvE:
Grapple and Hydraulic Overrides don't give Powertechs enough mobility to compete in PvE-scenarios that involve a lot of movement. Grapple simply doesn't work, because bosses and many adds are immune against it and Hydraulic Overrides' cooldown is too long. This is especially problematic, since Powertechs suffer more in such scenarios than other melee classes and Powertechs have nothing to compensate for this.

Since Jet Charge would be somewhat over-the-top for PvP, it would be a nice QoL change if Powertech dps could use stronger/more synergizing abilities while running towards their target.

I see two ways to achieve this:
1) Buffing a ranged ability to the point, where it is a viable filler in place of Rapid Shots in terms of damage and heat. I'm especially thinking about Missile Blast here. If the heat cost of Missile Blast would be reduced to a reasonable level for Powertech dps, they could use it once instead of Rapid Shots from the distance.
2) Increasing the range of one useful ability of each dps tree: I never played Pyrotech, so I can't say if that would really help, but if Thermal Detonator or Incendiary Missile had a range of 20 meters instead of 10, this might help maintaining dots.
In the case of AP the only ability where a higher range is reasonable is Immolate. Due to its long cooldown this probably wouldn't help in many cases.
If the increased range would make too much of a difference in PvP, these buffs could be tied to the 4pc PvE set bonus.

@Ottoattack: Since Flamethrower is a 3 seconds channel that can be stopped with stuns and knockbacks, parts of its damage can be countered much easier than Smash. If I recall correctly, the big complaints about Smash started after it was made an instant ability.
But I see your point about AoE burst disappearing. They made a comment about this in the answers to the seconds Marauder question in the last round, that they wanted to give every spec some AoE-potential and removing AoE-abilities from their single target rotations. Maybe we could ask, what is going to happen to AP and especially PFT in the context of the statement made there and the changes of 2.6 and 2.7.