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Hello Jerc,
It is nice to see you on PT forums. My background is heavy dps in PvP. I want to start off with our position compared to other classes.

PvP Position:
As of 2/14/14 top 5 PTs average rating is 2,199, marauder is 2,344, sorc 2,274 and assassin 2,226. These are top performing dps/tank classes currently. So it is safe to say asking for straight damage improvement buffs is unreasonable and won’t happen. As far as the tank stands in PvP, IMO it is decent. It has good survivability with decent damage and peeling options. I would like to also add that PTs have been gaining ground steadily over the past 2-3 month in ratings.

PvE Position:
As PvE stands for dps, I can’t rely on TORparse, since it includes multiple parses achieved with AP/pyro hybrid. As far as I am aware, top parsing PTs in full dps trees parse around 3,600 in full 78 gear. Currently top parsers of all dps specs are around 4K dps, which puts PTs around 10% behind with no utility. I highly suggest other posters provide post 2.6 parses on actual boss fights so we have ammo to use in any argument we request for damage buffs. As far as tanking in PvE goes I will rely on KeyBoardNinja analysis PT receives overall slightly more damage than assassins and slightly below Jugg. PTs are also are the least susceptible to spike damage due to higher base mitigation.

Top 3 Issues (IMO):

1- Position as dps in PvE:
Obviously PTs in both dps specs are behind. We are roughly 10% from top parsing specs. Again, I encourage input from PvE players so we have solid arguments to fortify our position requesting damage increase. We also need to make suggestions that improve our position in PvE without improving our position PvP. Easier said than done of course.

IMO, pyro needs on overall restructuring that includes reducing the burst window in favor of more sustained damage. This can only be done by manipulating PPA proc to occur less frequently, but become more consistent. In same time dots and flame burst could use a buff.

For AP, it is more complicated, as burst is not significant, but the up time in PvP makes AP single target damage very powerful for an aoe spec. My third question is about AP in detail.

2- PvP Tanking:
I know I said on the top that PTs tanks are decent in PvP, but I will get a bit into theory crafting here. We are in a transition phase from AP/tank hybrid that everyone used, and I am suspecting that the meta PvP tank will switch to assassins and vengeance jugg in tank forum.

Assassins receive on average less damage than the other two tanks due to passive mitigation and both accuracy and damage debuff, which in arenas especially is very important, as tanks are less likely to receive direct damage (mostly through guard and aoe). Even when focused, their DCDs are so substantial and have cheesing mechanics that can avoid damage all together. On the other side vengeance hybrid tank would a good damage dealer, considering recent buffs, and that all damage abilities are not tied to shein forum, they will be the damage tank, similar to what to AP/tank hybrid, with no aoe. Also, with going full vengeance tree can pick up enough skills from immortal tee (accuracy debuff and extra armor) to have decent survivability. Both assassins and vengeance jugg in tank forum will out dps PT tank.

I think that PT needs some improvements to be able to clinch a position in competitive PvP. They are average all over and are behind assassins in almost every aspect.

3- AP Performance in PvP:
I am reverting to theory crafting again, and this is more of a concern than an issue. If you are not aware, in 2.7 smashers are being nerfed to oblivion. In 2.6 orbital strike was also nerfed to being utterly useless. Which only leaves AP is the ONLY viable aoe spec in PvP when 2.7 hits life. While I am suspecting that some of the changes devs made to smash will be reverted before 2.7 hits life, currently AP as aoe spec IMO outperforms smash considering the constant snares, mobility and up time on target. If the trend continues, it is safe to say that PFT is getting nerfed in 2.8. What I can also tell you about the devs is that they are lazy and they have no problem in nerfing spec substantially and ignore balancing it for 6-12 month till the next “major patch.” The question is how can we as PTs position ourselves to get the best out of this situation.

I think we should take the initiative and ask for improvements in AP single target damage in favor of lower damage in PFT. This will benefit PvE, also the meta of competitive spec in arena is moving towards single target damage, so it is a win-win situation. I think we should have a specific request here. My suggestion would be lowering the damage done by PFT per stack from 20% to 12.5-15%, while keeping all secondary effects of PFT the same, and make one of AP top tree skills reduce RP CD by 1.5 seconds down (7.5 sec). I think this will also make the rotation more fluid and increase single target damage in PvE and PvP. Another suggestion is to increase HECG damage with prototype cylinders from 6% to 10%.

Other minor issues:
1- Pyro needs a bit more consistency in performance in PvP. It can deal ridiculous damage at times, when PPA and critics are procing clock work. When they are not your damage takes a nose dive. More consistency is needed.

2- PTs need some utility in PvE so they are not cornered in dps exclusively. This is probably a long term goal more than a next patch type of scenario. I think that the next new skill with level increase should be group utility based.

3- Incendiary missile heat cost is way too high. I compare it to corrosive dart for operatives and affliction to sorc. Both these skills deal about 20% more damage . Probably the reason is IM has a base damage of ~1K. I think the base damage is way too low to justify 16 heat cost. The skill should either go the route of corrosive dart and affliction and lower the heat cost to 10 heat, keep overall damage as is and remove base damage. The other option is to increase the base damage by ~500 damage while keeping the overall damage the same. Another solution is to increase the dot damage a bit, which IMO will not make much difference in PvP, but can yield 50-100 dps gain for PvE.