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Hi Folks,

Jerc here! Don't call me FeralPug or I'll be forced to mock you for not reading the second sentence of my post, which would be super embarrassing as it would display your utter incompetence for all the PT community to see.

Just some quick notes about who I am: I've played Powertech since beta, and into pre-launch. I've been a subscriber since the game was released. My very first toon was my PT, Jerc Starr. I'm a founder and guildmaster of <Hex>, and the organizer of Jerc's Friday Fight Club, the only player-made game event that has been held on three separate servers (that I know about!). I played AP hybrid before it was cool, (like in 1.2) much to the chagrin of my guildies. I truly love the gameplay/role of the Powertech in SWTOR. I only want it to improve.

My weakness as a player stems from my focus on PVP. My sig is 100% true: I have never achieved higher than Social I on any toon. I do not know the difference between a flashpoint and an operation, but I do recognize that PVE performance is as important as PVP performance of our class. Also, much of the game died for me when 8v8 ranked was dissolved. Arenas hold very little interest for me (I play them only as part of regular WZ rotations), so I'd love to hear from some arena lovers on what is going on there in terms of ranked play. That's where you guys come in.

This thread is designed to kickstart discussion. I see my role here as facilitator, more than anything else. I'm just here to help focus and express the will of the larger PT community.

After reading many of the dev responses to previous questions, I would advise the community to formulate questions in broad terms. For example, asking why a specific ability doesn't hit harder is too narrow a question. Think broadly, and in terms of the larger ways we fit into WZ's, operations and flashpoints. Presenting the devs with actual data will be particularly helpful. A quick example of this might be: "In 100 WZ's played this week, I've seen 1 player running full Shieldtech. What's up with that?"

Looking forward to creating some class questions with you guys!
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