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Lets take into account that everyone and their mothers brother has reflect. Mercs have 4 life bars and if you drop an ambush at the same time you get hit with a Heatseeking missile and unload while the 50 mercs running around focus you.. or the merc , jug sin sorc combo. yeah, you arent getting through that.

How about this.
Give us an ability that either penetrates through a reflect, or that takes into an account that a Sniper is dedicated to accurracy and calculates ambush to Not reflect straight back at them. Call it , calculated risk, or something./

I agree with Snipers having a stealth out, like maras or sents. real life snipers are all about camouflage so why not give us something.. It could be something like this
Once you have 30 stacks of awareness , you can trigger Snipers Hide to simulate that a sniper would have been using the terrain around and located a hidden cubby which, much like a real snipes , once you take that shot your position is divulged. a snipes couldnt spam it. hell, you could make it the 7th slot bonus. as in you could ONLY have it if you had all 7 pieces.

What gets me most , is there is a running joke.. "What update is complete without a sniper Nerf? " and its absolutely true.
you devs are caving to the idea that a 2% increase in health over 20 secs is TOO OP, yet its only usable at minimum every 2.5 mins. and I have to use 2 utility points to make it worth a damn . yet a merc/commandoes have ACTUAL self heals, and reflect AND Flaming shields AND 60% life Gain AND a rocket out that resets if they take damage after the 1st jump. and alllllll The While EVERYONE has the same range as a SNIPER. force users can throw a rock as far as a sniper can shoot a damn rifle... ACCURATELY. really?
Orbital strike is a Joke.. a Grenade can do more damage... Really? a grenade can do more damage than a series of Blasts from an orbiting battle cruiser..?

here's my main complaint about snipes , the majority of our utilities are garbage.. WHOOAA you say?
think about it. accuracy reduction? who really uses accuracy in pvp? pve bosses and Npcs dont either.. so whats it really doing?
2. all the trash slows that people just run right through. and everything seems to cleanse it . so how about we get a solid ROOT. call it double jeopardy. if they cleanse a slow, the get rooted for a short period. as everything we do worth a damn requires we be in cover , we get kited to death by everyone else that has SOLID shoot on the move utilities.. we have to take a utility to get 4 shots.... that have a timer.. and wear off.
in the end youve coddled every other class so much and us snipers have gotten so used to playing through nerfs, that when the stats are actually level . we smoke people and make a difference in ops. right now, snipes are garbage in ops. why, No real shoot on the move thats worth a damn and we have cast times that are ridiculous to be able to get off our aoes to put some kind of damage on a boss while we get out of puddle after puddle after cone of fire and cone of fire.
How about this.. if you are going to give everyone else an ALL around reflect.. how about giving snipers A directional thats only good during entrench. Those that would complain it lasts too long could be told , well, hit them from the side or back. its only good against 1 enemy attacking from the front. mercs reflect does that AND heals them..
this would make us much more viable in operations as the reflect on a cone of fire would make up for the fact that our dps is garbage as we have to be in cover to use anything..
Come on.. while I like pvp, Id really appreciate being able to be viable in an op instead of having to take my mobile dpsers ..
again .. really , people cry about a limited edition 2% heal when thats our ONLY heal and it on a 2.5 min cool down? really?
And for those who complain about a snipe getting a 30 stack converter, lets see, which classes dont even have a raid buff?ohhh thats right. snipes.