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So LGBT Gamers are a 'smaller portion' of a BIOWARE gaming community? please.
Also, you are assuming, wrongly, that only LGBT gamers would use this content, many other groups would to.

Really? ...really?

Stephen Reid stated otherwise.

If you think otherwise then how come LGBT content was not put in at the beginning of the game? Would of been easier to do it at that time then try and come back later and put it in.....

The FACT that bioware did not put it in tells me they feel it does represent a smaller portion of their player base... Odds are EA or Lucasarts also had reservations of adding such content or Bioware was affraid of backlash by adding in such content on a huge IP and didn't want it to affect their sales...

Anyway you slice it, Bioware could of easily included same sex romances when the game launch but they CHOOSE not to do it...

I personally have no issue with such content in the game, but to stick your head in the sand and pretend that none of my explanations are valid is just living in a bubble...
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