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I just don't see Bioware going through the expense and time to redo existing content to appease and lets be honest a smaller portion of the player base....
As has been said many times before, the people wanting SGRAs are probably more than you think. If I had to guess, I'd say we outnumber raiders.

Plus you "might" have to deal with some of the original actors who don't want their voices used in a gay romance situation.... Now with new companions Bioware can find actors who have no issue with this...
Please, that's a strawman argument if I've ever seen one. Actors are professionals, and voice actors for video games are hardly high enough on the fame ladder to be divas about anything. They like to be paid so they'll do the work and do it gladly.

So like I said, I wouldn't expect anything until the first expansion....

But like you said it's all speculation for now... but thats my best guess based on what I know....
You could be right about that, no one really knows. But if they do intend to make me pay extra, give me less content and make me wait a year or more for it? I won't be around to see it. As much as I love the game, that's just not right.
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