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This is a popular theme ("the toggle") and although it has been hashed to death here I am going to hash it some more. This is meant as a general response to everyone who wants a toggle.

What people are saying, by wanting a toggle, is that same-gender romance is so awful, so icky, so destructive, that they need a way for it to be hidden.

By requesting a toggle, they are explicitly stating that they believe that same-gender romance is a greater evil than: lying, stealing, betrayal of trust, slavery, torture, torture for pleasure, poisoning someone, poisoning many people at once, murder, mass murder, murder for hire, genocide, etc. All of these choices are in the game right now, with no way to avoid seeing them.

That is why the toggle idea is offensive.

There are three major fallacies brought up by the pro-toggle crowd I'd like to address.

1. Just toggle all romance
Opposite-gender romance is already part of the game without a toggle. As others have said here, wanting to toggle all romance is just a way to ask for a toggle for SGRAs while maintaining a veneer of respectability. No one wanted a romance toggle prior to the SGRA debate. Asking for one now betrays the fact that you don't want SGRAs, and think that this is an acceptable way to say so.

2. You're putting your social issues into the game
Asking for both types of romance to be dealt with in the exact same way is not pushing anyone's agenda. Opposite gender romance is in the game. Same gender romance would merely level the playing field. I would argue that asking for it to be hidden once it is implemented is the real example of forcing your social morality into the game.

3. It doesn't belong in Star Wars
Not only are there previous examples of such relationships in Star Wars, it would not matter if there weren't. This game has every right to add to existing Star Wars canon, and has done so liberally, just as it's predecessors have done. One variant of this is the "no romance belongs in Star Wars", which is a ridiculous statement on it's own, and for which I refer you to #1.

I doubt this will convince anyone to change sides. For what it is worth, I suggested at one point what was effectively a toggle, and while it was primarily for storyline reasons rather than "hide it from the phobics" reasons, the discussion here has shown me why that is not a good idea, and I no longer support any sort of toggle.

TL;DR: Asking for a toggle is offensive. I have yet to see a rational reason why same-gender romance should be handled any differently than the currently implemented opposite-gender romance.