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If and when Bioware adds Same sex romance I wouldn't expect a huge choice of companions to hook up with.... My BH only has one option and thats Mako....

People thinking that Bioware is going to let them flirt with EVERYONE of your companions is going to be very disappointed....
No one's asking for that? We just want to be able to flirt with the current romance options that are of the same gender.

Odds are gay romance options won't happen until the first expansion when they introduce some new companions and given what I've seen so far with the existing romance options your probably only going to get 1 bi-sexual companion to flirt with per class... So those thinking Bioware is going to put in some elaborate romance system were you can seduce anyone on your ship including the original 5 companions is dreaming...
We don't know when they're implementing it, that's the point of this thread. For the second half of your paragraph, see above response.
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