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There is an old quote that applies to tech too:
"In War, all things are simple. But, individually, the simple things are hard to do."

The overall process is simple: Backup up the guild sections of each servers database, merge, then restore the guild section of each (old) servers individual DB into the new merged DB.

The complication is that the guild identifiers for each server are probably not universally unique, only unique for that individual server. So, you would have to create a unique ID for each server, apply it to existing guilds on each server, Backup, then run the restore process on the merged server DB.

The process would be the same for every non-universal identifier for each existing server.

Once again, if it were truly that simple, then why did BW not do that during the previous two serer merges, when it was only guilds and guild banks involved and consequently, there were far fewer "unique non-universal identifiers" involved?