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I know this is most likely not going to be used but it is for fun!!!
These can be subtitles as well as normal titles
Player Name,
, very unliked
Rarely outplayed
Very savvy
10 steps ahead
, 200 IQ
The dedicated
Heart of a winner
Has the high ground
Gives little hope
The hopeless
Full of tricks
The clever
Out of their element
The unfortunate
The fortunate
The improved
Should stop trying
Doesn’t give up
Notorious Q dodger
Slick cheaters
Not a nice person
Unsupportive players
Extremely envious of (player name)
The most hated (advanced class), {player name}
The tricky and witty
The unexpected victor
The underdog
Clearly is better
Ranked elitist
Veteran ranked player
Supreme knowledge of arenas
Leader of idiots
The unwelcomed
Fueled with hatred
Deceptive mastermind
Mastered the art
Crackerjack of tricks
Head honcho