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Thatís cause people do not understand how Bolster works (yet).
Only people with all 252 (excluding MH) + Augments or 258 gear will have a distinct advantage over someone with 230 gear.
People with 236-248 will be the same as you or as weíve seen with testing, they could be worse off than someone in 230 gear.
But I get your point. People who donít know will probably focus the person in the lowest gear, which sucks if thatís you.
Iíve not bothered with this dumb gear grind to get 252/258 pieces, but I have seen people have them mixed in with 230-248 gear. Mostly their stats are all over the place and if they donít have 252 weapons equiped, they are often lower.
At this point, I can see the benefit on getting the weapons, but Iím not going to grind pve content to get other 252-258 gearing.
I suggest trying to get the free 252 weapon from ossus since itís actually really easy. Should take about 2 hours or less. Basically, after completing the Jedi under Siege story (45 minutes or less), complete your first set of dailies and the weekly (non-heroic) and also complete the world boss weekly while your there. You get a free 252 weapon (or offhand) and a random 252 from a ossus box, and 1-2 masterwork crystals.

(3 of the dailies donít even require fighting any mobs). I basically do my 10 dailies while I am queuing for war zones. And join the world boss groups as they spam in genera chat.

Trust me, getting the free weapon is easy, after that, you can quit the grind since the weapon freebie isnít repeatable.