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Pretty obvious that using 230 + better MH+OH yields the better results. I will try to add 228 augments to the 230 set and 240 to the 248 MH+OH. Crazy stupid that worse gear are better with bolster, but what is new.

Switching the 230 MH with the 248 MH changes the Damage (Pri) from 3845-4387 to 4193-4915.

Adding 228 mastery augments does nothing. Literally. I bolstered my stats and then began adding these augments, and my stats remained exactly the same. The 228 crit augments increased my crit and lowered my mastery. This was the final test:
Yep, I’m pretty sure Main hand isn’t calculated in the Bolster or is bolstered differently to other gear. So the higher your main hand, the better off you are. But, I’ve noticed that doesn’t apply to off hand (atleast if you aren’t duel wielding).

Your testing with the master Augments reflects exactly what I reported too. They literally do nothing to any of your stats.
But you are correct. If you add too much crit or alacrity it will affect your damage stats. The way to mitigate some of that is to put in power Augs once you hit those secondary targets.