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For me, all of my characters arrive at the overlook landing regardless of where or how often I set their arrival point. Since they added the new arrival points to the other strongholds none of the arrival points have worked in any of my strongholds that I've tried. On Tatooine all characters arrive at the balcony; the landing pad arrival point doesn't work. On Yavin, all characters started arriving outside the main temple, which is where I wanted then to arrive, but I never set any of my characters to use that arrival point. They just started showing to there. On Nar Shaddaa, I tried setting one character to one of the other arrival points but all characters still arrive at the taxi point. I haven't tried with the others because I don't want something to get screwed up and all characters start loading in the wrong spot.

QA_Droid replied to a post about the arrival points being broken and said a fix would be coming in a later patch, but that was a while ago and they haven't deigned to update us as to when that might happen.
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