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01.06.2013 , 12:29 AM | #1
Haven't tanked in the past 9 months, was disheartened when my guild fell apart a little before the first server mergers but my IRL friends wanted to reroll Sith so I rolled a Juggernaut tank recently and I just hit 50. I'm wondering if my gear is fine for running HMs and if anyone can give any tips for gearing up/spec.

Hellíon @ Jedi Covenant

I know it's fine for starting, but I don't know much about jugg tanks themselves so I'm curious for any tips, or if I'm doing anything wrong gearwise atm.

EDIT: I'll be augmenting the belt and bracers, should I get Defense augments?(Or what augments should I use in general, I'll augment everything else once it's 56+