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Stealth scan. Use and abuse it. It's one of the most powerful abilities in the game once you practice using it. The fact that you are a Vanguard Tank makes it so much more powerful since yours roots the targets it reveals.

In your case, I'd recommend rolling a stealth class to see how they work. Take note of common hiding places you use, common routes you use to flank people, and common turret-guarding spots. Understand your enemy first before you complain You'll see that (most) stealth classes, hybrid tankassins excluded of course, are much weaker in a straight up fight and rely on their sneakiness and burst damage to kill anyone.

For starters, the easiest way to start your Stealth Scanning adventures is to simply drop it on your stealth-capable enemy once their health becomes low and you think they are about to vanish. Once you've practiced sufficiently with this and understand the stealth classes better, you can have the hotkey at your fingertips and wait until they actually do vanish, and then stealth scan immediately thus rooting them in place.
I hate when people point that skill out, it has its uses, but it does not seem to work. If I see someone stealth, I put the scan were they should be, and they are not there. And the cooldown on it is 20 seconds while it only lasts for 10 seconds, making an easy window for any intelligent stealther to come in and slaughter me.
This is how most of my stealth kills go(assuming i am defending a point)
Stealth Stun, boom 15% health gone, boom 15% health gone, add a stun, (CC break this one)boom 15% of health,now I can move, I am probably slowed, gone, boom 15% of health gone, I stun them, they break it, I dont have any more stuns, they hit me again and I am dead.
Stealth stun, break that, stun again, boom 15% health gone, boom 15% health gone, i can move, i stun them, the break it, out of stuns, start attacking them, get them down like 10% then I am dead.

And for my Sage/Gunslinger. It just happens faster, even If i can stun them or slow them, they get out of it soon enough to prevent me from moving, and kill me from there.