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I do know that I'm a really bad player, but to do Uprisings and FPs with ALL melee group members usually defeating everything before I even can do a full channel of my best sharpshooter's main skills is outright frustrating. Almost every time I have the thought "NOW I can fionally contribute to them !", everything is already gone or short before that. In Uprisings, I often trail behind like a lost mosquito, trying to sting mobs and adds which are already not there anymore. Thanks to my melee group members.

I'm actively wondering if I should go the melee route as well.

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well in general on stuff like that on sharpshooter you just precast freighter flyby and then use suppresive fire or whatever it is called on ss. use cool head if you run out of energy or rapid shot, repeat. you dont't really need your hard hitting single target channels unless going against a flashpoint or ops boss.