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UI design (look) feed back :

Please make all the UI match the old style of windows or make the old style match the new UI windows.

At the moment they are so different, it feels extremely unprofessional and amateurish like Iím running multiple third party addons, like you would in games like World or Warcraft.

I know you guys are better than this. Please donít release it live or you will get bad feed back from players and I dare say from industry reviewers in the gaming media. You donít want it to be come a meme like Anthemís disjointed systems.
This is sadly excactly what happend when they supposedly improved the galactic map. the old nice looking map was replaced with an super ugly useless one. Also i would love to turn off the ugly new icons hovering over lots of npc's char i still havent found an option to do so yet. Also the new colour scheme and design on some old symbols like the postbox hover symbol is really horrendous. Whoever thought these ui visual changes were a good idea should probably be fired or transferred to the team responsible for designing parts of the game players never sees.
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