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08.16.2019 , 12:50 PM | #39
Some good suggestions here but I feel a certain flair for actual customization is missing. Too much binary thinking of 'defense' vs 'dps'. I would hope these tactical items are more about changing game play flair than min maxing numbers in ops. I'd rather have tweaks that are 'cool' for general combat than dps or even permanent rotation changes.

Some examples.

1. Dominant Force Lightning
Force Lightning channels for twice as long, does 250% more damage, cooldown is doubled
flair: damage increased by 25% for ever other skill on cooldown
flair: channels until target is dead

Force Lightning damage increases by 25% and channel duration increases by 15% after casting lightning bolt / chain lighting. stacks 3 times.

?WHY? - well how fun would it be to actually throw FL in here and there as a single target finish off that last mob, this is the goal whether the numbers I made up are on point or not. FL becomes a flair finisher or even a rotational replacement for ST.


2. Afflicting Bolt
Lightning bolt now adds/refreshes affliction

?WHY? I hate casting affliction

Just two examples