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Lightning is a ranged burst spec that took a nerf to its burst to increase the sustained damage... I hope this can be changed since Thundering Blast is rather weak when compared to Ambush and Heatseeker Missiles on MM Sniper and Arsenal Merc respectively. I've managed a 41k Ambush in PVP and can get a lot of 30k crits on MM. While I haven't broken 40k on a Heatseeker Missile, I still average about 30k give or take 3k. Thundering blast on the other hand... yeah. I understand that it's weaker because auto crit with Affliction, and it has a chance - 25%/50% - to have Forked Lightning proc, and can be increased again with Recklessness. Even so, I still find it rather underwhelming since a 25% chance is lackluster to say the least. Then, there's Madness which got a massive buff to its burst, and sustained, by increasing the damage of Force Leech by 30% when a target is affected by Affliction. Madness burst is roughly the same as Lightning burst, albeit, slightly longer between windows. Lightning needs more burst and I believe most would be fine if it came at slight cost to sustained since sustained is supposed to be why you would pick Madness. And the easiest ways, I believe at least, to increase the burst would be to increase the passive critical damage boost provided by Reverberating Force or to allow an extra ability to benefit from that passive. then there's the fact that this spec is called Lightning and it doesn't utilize Force Lightning...

Tactical Items:

Increases DR by 10% wile not in a WZ or Arena. (Personally think lightning doesn't need the bulk since it has the mobility, but apparently there are those who do think more bulk is needed)

Lightning Bolt is now instant while in a WZ or Arena. (Probably broken)

Increases the Critical damage of all abilities by X%. (doesn't need to be much, perhaps 5-10%)

Increases the chance of Forked Lightning procs by 75%. In addition, any proc chance over 100% is converted to extra damage. (I think this would be really popular as the RNG element to Forked Lightning is not well-liked by myself and probably many others. Personally, i don't think a 25% damage boost would be too powerful since your Polarity Shift is on a fairly long cooldown)

Force Storm behaves how it was during 3.0 (awesome damage, the 6 second channel, and draining force cost). (I think Sorc should have awesome AoE damage potential on par with Snipers since Suppressive Fire is pretty crazy currently at the cost of massive amounts of energy. Make Force Storm similar again please)

Set Bonus:

2pc: Dealing damage with Affliction increases all damage dealt by 5% for 15 seconds. Can only occur once every 30 seconds. In addition, Recklessness now provides an additional stack on use.

4pc: Crushing darkness now applies all of its DoT damage immediately with the initial hit while under the effects of Force Flash. (More burst and may require a damage adjustment)

6pc: Hitting a target with Thundering Blast increases the damage of your next Force Lightning by X% (I'm not sure what would be good, but let's go with 75%) and reduces the channel time by 50%. (Brings Force Lightning back into the spec and keeps it from destroying your mobility by reducing the channel time. This should probably be the new passive for the spec, but move the passive so that it follows the level you gain Thundering Blast (it would be the level 28 skkill tree passive currently since thats the first passive you get once you are given Thundering Blast). So many people seem to use Force Lightning despite it being a DPS loss currently)

6pc: Dealing critical damage reduces the cooldown of Polarity Shift by 1.5 seconds. In adittion, Recklessness Stacks have a 33% chance of not being consumed when dealing critical damage. (in case the aforementioned 6pc is made into the new passive)