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There are so many issues with the matchmaking situation that it is hard to unpack.
1.) Restrictions for heal/tank only makes things worse, not better. No changes will create good matches until that has been removed.
2.) I agree with Trix about the weight given to premades is way off. In reality you can have a premade of utter noobs on voice and they'd be able to stand up to quality pugs. It is such an unfair advantage premade over pugs that really unless you had huge populations you cannot balance it.
3.) The flaw with most MMOs, by design is to funnel wimps into premades to have unfair advantage over non-premades. Frankly, many people who play premades have absolutely NO interest in a fair matchup. They are there to be on the winning side of a face-roll easy no-skill needed matchup - quite simply. These people are wimps. The OTHER people who premade simply to play with friends and actually would like a fair matchup, also would agree that better matchmaking should be designed.

The only solution that will actually work is to give people option to opt out of queing with premades. I'd gladly wait twice as long for a pug vs pug matchup, because I would much rather be playing other aspects of the game while waiting for a quality matchup. What people like to skip is the fact that the amount of time to get a quality game would be way less with this design. Even though the amount of time to get a queue pop may be slightly longer.

Unltil then, people can just keep dropping everytime they are in a premade face-roll and since there is no way for healer/tank to backfill properly the circus will continue.

MMOs are dying, not just each game but the entire genre. Partly because huge guilds and premades are given unfair advantages over those who prefer a different playstyle. The non-inclusive policy is dumb and when all the MMOs die, the one left standing will have moved away from unfair premade vs pug matchups.
I could not have said it better