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Why not create a new character and play through with it? For variety choose the other subclass than the first you played for some different powers.
I can only speak for myself but I think the point of re-play is just reliving the story with that character... the sub classes does add a new feel for the class in combat, but last time I tried this I think it really docent change the story at all. (Playing with a Jedi Consular this time around instead with my Jedi Shadow).

Taking different decisions might... but I think its more of a nostalgia entertainment just like when you rent a old movie you like a lot with does old characters again because you miss how good it was vs the newer sequels.

Also there is a pay wall in the cosmetic or cartel merchandise when making new characters that anything you gain with your main is lock... so your alts don't benefit at all from your investments/purchases with other characters so you can show of your cool cosmetics or looks in does cool in-cinematic... at least for newer players, vet players are so crazy rich both in credits and cartel coins they don't worry about anything like that or even being sub to the game anymore. lol

However this is my personal take on the re-play issue vs create a new character...
Anyway the Devs have reason why it cant be done... apparently it has to do with the original coding or something like that... and even though there been rumor to try form time to time... apparently its something not likely to ever happen and the way it sounds it would take a miracle.