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02.12.2012 , 10:22 AM | #1
This situation is getting way out of control. Today, I'm getting into warzones with only 5 people left in them which then fill up and gradually empty again. More and more people are just leaving a warzone at the first sight of a loss. I don't usually leave. Today after getting into that 5 man warzone and watching repeat people joining afterwards and leaving I finally thought wth should I be the one to stay in this if noone can be arsed to take their turn when a loss comes, so I bailed. It's got to the point where the system is now just broken.

We need a fix. I don't see any other way besides applying a penalty. A 15 minute debuff preventing queueing for more warzone seems like the most reasonable suggestion so far.

Whatever happens, it can't stay as it is.
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