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I'd suggest that the extra booster time from boost recharger would more than make up for lacking the 8% evasion, if that's what you're going for.
If you are running a scout with 33% base evasion and press nothing else, the 8% evasion reduces your damage taken by around 12%. If you press it during, say, distortion field, the 8% evasion reduces your damage taken by 20%. If you press it during running interference and distortion field, it's a 40%+ reduction.

I don't see that as a valid comparison. Those two things are pretty orthogonal.

I like how when I asked for a tl;dr of your rapid fire thread your response was something along the lines of "this isn't *********** twitter", but you've obviously not read my BO/TT thread.
But you don't. Here's are two relevant formulas you list:

Damage done by ship with targeting telemetry and lock-on weapons = (b * 1.224 * (h + 0.1)) + (m * 1.224 * EHM)
Damage done by ship with blaster overcharge = (b * 1.468 * h) + (m * EHM)

You reduce the m damage (missile) by an effective hit for missiles (your EHM), pointing out that many opponents will dodge your missiles or break them. That's a fair factor. Where is the ACC factor for b? The factor representing user aim, you know, the same factor you included for missiles? More importantly, where is the factor representing all the time lost when an opponent may be out of blaster range but in missile range, or off of exact center, where blasters take an increasingly large accuracy penalty (a much smaller h)? You totally ignore this. Your math models a case where you are dpsing a stationary target with a ludicrous amount of health. If that ever happened, then blaster overcharge would be essentially mandatory.

But it doesn't.

Oh, your multipliers? The 1.468 and the 1.224? Incorrect.

Here's your line:

"Blaster overcharge increases the damage of your lasers by a whopping +52.2%. Factoring in uptime, you get +15.6% blaster damage over a 40 second period (again, assuming you're firing about as much when it's up as when it's down). Over a 120 second period, you get three uses, or +46.8% damage."

Your last step is incorrect. You can't multiply by uses without dividing by time. The 15.6% blaster damage increase over 40 seconds is where you should stop. You get a 15.6% increase over a 40 second period. Over an 80 second period, you ALSO get a 15.6% damage increase. Over a 120 second period, you ALSO get a 15.60% damage increase. In fact, at anything divided by 40 (stopping the moment the cooldown comes back up in all cases) it's 15.6%. At anything not divided by 40, the value is a bit higher. You choose 120 as a value where both cooldowns are coming off cooldown (TT for the fifth time, BO for the fourth time, having gained four uses of TT and three uses of BO).

If you aren't following, pretend that instead of a 120 second period, we modeled a 1200 second period. Would you argue that blaster overcharge was giving you a 468% damage increase over that time, but targeting telemetry was at 224% increase? It should be obvious that this is incorrect.

If you are averaging over time- which is a HUGE abstraction- then blaster overcharge is around 15% and targeting telemetry is around... I'm not sure where you get your number, which is 5.6%. I see it as more around 6%, more if the weapon in question actually has a crit rate that isn't 0% base.

Damage done by ship with targeting telemetry and lock-on weapons = (b * 1.06 * (h + 0.05) * ACC) + (m * 1.06 * EHM)
Damage done by ship with blaster overcharge = (b * 1.15 * h * ACC) + (m * EHM)

This changes many of your conclusions. Or it should, at least. h matters a lot, especially when it sub 20%, which it OFTEN is, but it doesn't take very much for it to be the dominant factor now that you don't have a really large and false multiplier on b.

But the whole thing here is still averaged over time. In practice, much more of your time in combat has the cooldowns up than down, and the evasive boost is quite valuable during that time. More importantly, your enemies also blow cooldowns, and targeting telemetry reduces the value of these in a way blaster overcharge does not.

I'm not saying don't use blaster overcharge. I am saying that Stasie's OP is correct to recommend it as the baseline default.