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One of the ways that GSF follow a standard MMORPG model is that you basically have a stat budget for gear. If you're trying to make a high performance gear build, the stats and other effects of a component need to work well with other components in the build.

Assuming you're doing reasonably well at using cooldowns as available in appropriate situations:

As a pure offense component, Targeting Telemetry is at the very best, a mediocre choice.

As a pure defensive component it is flat out bad.

As a pure utility component it's pretty good.

Combine all three together and it's very good or maybe even excellent.

Basically its stat itemization is split into three different sub-categories, and if you only effectively use benefits from one of those pools, or even two, you're going to have a very hard time getting equivalent performance to a well designed component that you use reasonably well that has all of its allocation in one pool. For example Blaster Overcharge or Booster Recharge.

If you miss with 75% of your blaster overcharge shots, then it's a different story, but that's not even close to the neighborhood of optimal utilization.

There are other considerations too. If you gain no benefit from dps increases or boost endurance increases due to some combination of build and flying style, then Targeting Telemetry can suddenly be a best choice purely for the evasion. It doesn't make it a good defensive component, but a bad defensive component is still better than no component at all, which is effectively what you have if you're not getting any value from the other two possible component options or the dps element of TT (unlikely in the case of a type 2 scout, but I'm thinking more about generalized comparative value of components here).

I didn't say TT was a bad choice in that slot the way the other fellow did, I pointed out that the comparative value depends greatly on pilot skill, in particular in the ability to get close to the full measure of the component's potential utility in combat. Also implying that a component with utility in multiple areas is probably harder to fully exploit for many pilots than a component with utility in only one area.

As far as cost, there are two costs. One is the relative value of one component versus another. The other is requisition spent on an inferior (for a specific build for a specific pilot) component choice while still slogging through the GSF gear grind. If your eventual goal is full mastery of all ships, that's probably a trivial cost in time where inappropriate gear slightly r e t a r d s your rate of requisition earning, but for people only part way through gearing a small subset of the available ships it could be a cost worth considering in terms of time spent to get to the gear set that they want.

Also if you're quoting in sections Verain, please at least on the first quote when switching sources, identify the source. Yeah, sure, the other person you quote is in the post directly above yours, but do we really expect a lazy reader to notice that?

Well, maybe I just shouldn't care if lazy readers get confused about who wrote what.

As far as arguments for or against TT go, Verain, I'm not impressed by, "some guy on my server who spends a lot of time in GSF likes it," even if they made really awesome posts to start a really awesome thread. Pointing out merits of TT, such as that the crit buff is for both primary and secondary weapons, those are the sorts of points I like to see, so keep 'em coming.
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