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I have no answer for the BH otherwise than I just got through it, because it's my favourite class. In the case of my smuggler, the only thing that helped me was a comment I read on this forum, to the effect that they just kind of viewed the whole thing as a comedy. I can see why; the smuggler has some great lines in those expansions that had me laughing out loud more than once (not that I can remember them now, but still). My smuggler always struck me as perpetually amazed to be there and that was how I went with it. Not sure I would do it again, though.
This is how I view it. I only did it with my one Bounty Hunter because I love the character and want to do the whole story with her, so I just smashed through KOTxx for the companion alerts and to get through to the other side. But I've deleted three other bounty hunters at either Ilum or Ziost because I didn't like them THAT much to do it all again.
The smuggler playthrough ended up being one of my favorites of all of them because it's cathartic to see my character reacting the way I would to the whole situation, poking holes at the craziness of the situation with maximum snark and sarcasm. There are a couple of grit your teeth and bear it moments like whenever you have to make a speech to the alliance or the galaxy and it's either sappy idealism or idiotic ruthlessness (idiotic from the standpoint that almost no one would bother following such a person) with no third option, but a lot of really great lines come from the smuggler throughout the whole thing.
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