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12.05.2012 , 08:13 AM | #8
i'll throw my 2 cents in, from what i've noticed(i dont keep track) the Moderate mission seem to bring you back more crits, and rare schematics. As example on my slicer i run the mission 'Extinguish The Sun" a Moderate mission and 50% of the time mako returns with Advanced Neural Augmenters, or i can run the rich or bountiful missions for a week straight and be lucky if i get 2 back all week. I was ************ about it one day and a Guildie that has made 500+ million on the GTN pointed it out to me. He says "Try the mission "Extinguish the Sun" it works really well for me" so i did and the first 3/4 times mako came back with 2 augmenters twice and 3 the third time, also came back with augment patterns as well.