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You have cemented the conclusion there is no benefit to grinding Renown 999. This ironclad conclusion is essentially a law of physics at this point. Being an "OCD achievement hunter" is fine, but it is not a benefit to Renown 999. Rather, it is a statement about your personal issues with dopamine addiction. The more you grind, the more dopamine spikes you get and the more you feed like a frenzied vampire. Your personal addiction issues are not anyone's business but they are acknowledged as a reason for your grind.

Saying you did something "because I could" is a statement that says nothing at all. Every living organism on Earth does things "because they can". i.e., You eat bacon because you can. You voted for Trump because you can. You went to the toilet because you can. Ants crawl because they can. Means absolutely nothing, other than to illustrate further there is no benefit to grinding Renown 999.
Lol, you're missing the point. I never made an argument 999 has any intrinsic benefit, it doesn't unless you count the many gear drops and fragments along the way. When I say "because I could", it literally just means, because I could. I played a video game, set a goal, and had fun, thats all there is to it. What point do you even want to make or counter me with when I simply haven't tried to make any persuasive arguments?