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Differing perspectives can indeed be helpful.
I stand by my opinion that KotFE and KotET are pretty much garbage. Of the 25 chapters in the Valkorion family soap opera there are 3, maybe 4 that I would willingly repeat.
And yet other people enjoy it. Given that the purpose of this (and any other game) is to have fun, then as long as people are having fun without hurting each other, why should I worry which part of the game is bringing them their fun?
I agree, I am not a fan of much of the Valkorion storyline, though it is better playing as a Jedi Knight with the tie-in to the regular story. So since the OP is playing a Jedi Knight class, I would say to keep working through it. I would at least finish through level 50 before upgrading to a new character.

Personally, I put my Jedi Knight through everything, and I am going back and completing the other classes to completion for the original story. I am not looking forward to slogging through Makeb again for any classes, though I do need to do an Empire playthrough.